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Recreate Image Idest Pendant #2246 designed in 2013
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Idest Pendant
The Pendant: The Idest is a pendant design that is inspired by organic life. The pendant signifies the cycle of life. The windows that are expanding towards the object signifies each of the possibilities we have..

How to Produce: Realized in 3D printing of stainless steel..

Possible Materials: The designer noted the following materials could be used in production: Metal.

Dimensions and Packaging: The enclosing box for a single Idest Pendant is 25 mm x 34 mm x 13 mm, each box contains a single Idest Pendant and the bounding box dimensions for the package is 75 mm x 84 mm x 63 mm, roughly 84224 pieces fit into 20' standard container and 171136 pieces fit into the larger 40' standard container..

Upload Date & Time:: 2013-01-01 17:06:37.

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Idest Pendant
Up: The action shot of the production version of Idest Pendant. Realized with/in Metal.
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