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Recreate Image Howcome Bathroom Sink #503 designed in 2009
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Howcome Bathroom Sink
The Bathroom Sink: The Howcome sink is designed to make you say "how come", and also it will make you be a bit scared, perhaps because you will think that if you open the faucet you will be totally wet. I especially design the bathroom sinks wide so that two people can brush teeth easily..

How to Produce: Ceramic molding and metal plane is cut and welded..

Possible Materials: The designer noted the following materials could be used in production: Ceramic, Metal.

Dimensions and Packaging: The enclosing box for a single Howcome Bathroom Sink is 1000 mm x 344 mm x 442 mm, each box contains a single Howcome Bathroom Sink and the bounding box dimensions for the package is 1050 mm x 394 mm x 492 mm, roughly 180 pieces fit into 20' standard container and 330 pieces fit into the larger 40' standard container..

Upload Date & Time:: 2009-04-13 03:08:33.

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